How can I get treatment

Firstly, you have to visit site When you realise which method you would like to experience, you can see the explanation about every each of method, the way it works and benefits of the method. On the same page you can find profile of the practitioner of the method.
Next step is the registaration if you want to begin the communication with the practitoner. After that you leave the message to choosen practitoner. He or she answers in the shortest time and in that chat you decide to continue and to raise the level of communication with that practitioner.
Then, you start video free call communication in which you agree about the term of treatment.
Payment is the next phase. It is very simple. Payment
Just after it, you can call your practitoner under the live chat call, developed for your needs.

1. Register

Register yourself and start your journey in finding effective holistic healing and therapy sessions.

2. Choose your Practitioner Search through various practitioners by the healing modalities they offer.

Another way

3. Book Your Session

Contact practitioners and schedule appointments as per your convenience.

4. Connect Through Live Video Calls

Connect easily with practitioners via our live video call and chat platform.