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I believe that self awerness and understanding our patterns is the key to our happiness. We were born with many soul gifts, that once reclaimed, can heal our relationship and change our life.

Jasmina Mrdalj


It is our duty to improve our personal life in the best possible way... I found a lot of solutions to do that and I am willing to help other people on their life path.\\r\\nBE THE LIGHT OF UNIVERSE. IT IS YOUR CHOICE\\r\\n\\r\\nWith love and respect\\r\\nAlexandar\\r\\n\\r\\n

Aleksandar Djordjevic


I deeply believe that each of us already has all the resources for a peaceful, harmonious and joyful life.But, sometimes we need more wind in our wings ..... and then we can fly our flight again into

Natalija Poljak Petrović



The heavenly bodies have for ages created some sort of awe in the heart of man. Divinity has been connected with the sky in most culture. The scale going through each of us is a representation of the cosmic dance going on in grand scale. Astrology is basically the study of the relationship between patterns, movement of the planet, connection with others and our birth chart, with knowledge gathered used to find answers to life questions.

Is Astrology the same as science?

It is more of metaphysics, which studies elements outside the physical. It has some similarities with other fields whose theories are built on energy patters such as yoga, feng shui and acupuncture. Astrology is more like the mastery of intuitive arts. It is often referred to as Mother of all Sciences, being the earliest known form of existence ordering.

The celestial clock

Astronomy is founded on the premise that time is influenced by the movements of the planet.
Being an integral part of the universe, our birth which is recorded on celestial clock is of great meaning. The planets move in harmony with the fixed energies of our birth chart.
Students often glean inspiration from symbolic associations, myths and wisdom of past master astrologers in developing their own intuitive language. There exists long cycles that lie outside our planets which represent short and generational trends such as the Sun’s annual journey around the Zodiac.

Know Thyself:

Depending on the extent you wish to take it to, Astrology is an incredible tool which can help you discover yourself, though you may end up getting stuck at first. But if you can hold out long enough, you will get to the point where the cosmic dance finally gets to make sense.
When life seems to be series of meaningless events, astrology helps us understand the reason behind some events. It radiates light on our doubts and natural strength. Our birth chart is more like a map which guides us in discovering new insights each day.
Understanding your birth chart
You may find yourself becoming bewildered when trying to find your way around astrology. A person’s birth is composed of three parts: house, chart planet and sign. Astrology tries to blend these three elements. The more you learn, the more your understanding deepens. You will get to understand what Aries sun and 10th house means.
After understanding the tree elements, next is to study aspects. Aspect is how the players in your birth chart relate.

Where exactly do I start?

Some believe that stereotypes are a product of astrology. The essence contained in each sign depends on reputation. Gemini represents chatty, intelligent and gossipy wit. Virgo represents a purist and neat-freak. Scorpio stands for intense, sultry. When making your observations, take into account these stereotypes.
The Sun sign is basic in nature. The remaining parts of the chart can then be filled with relevant details. When learning about the moon, have some sort of picture of the sun. If you want to find out the kind of cancer you are, look to the chart.

Chemistry behind Astrology

Astrology helps explain the reason why some people attract you and others repel you. It helps you see personality clashes as trivial. You will get to realize that some connections are caused by frictions. Astrology gives you a long view, helping you see them as challenges which you need to grow.
How else can Astrology be used in understanding certain relationships?
It is through astrology that you get to understand the relationship you have with your siblings, friends, parents, bosses and children.

Couples will have to understand their birth charts so as to pick up red flags that can cause friction to their relationship. These red flags are often referred to as synastry; analysis that point out areas which will have to be challenged and supported by each other so as to fulfill individual destinies. Astrology points out where karma will be played out, hard lessons that will be learnt, and the possibility of an alchemical miracle taking place.

How it works


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