Code of Ethics

Online distance healing practitioners are obliged to follow a code of ethics set by and the bodies that licensed them. Beside this, our online practitioner must protect your privacy and have to be very careful about your private information.
During the treatment the practitioner should talk openly about all issues, but there should not be any private conntact between practitioner and client after the treatment. The practitioner should be honest and should talk only the truth about the result of the healing and about all aspects of treatment.


Life is a wonderful opportunity to realize that every day is our special day,and every opportunity is precious. It is a gift in which we need to learn that we are an integral part of a whole that is called Love!

Tanja Tomic


"If you want to find secrets of the Universe,think in terms of energy,frequency and vibration. " -Nikola Tesla

Jasmina Dobric


It is our duty to improve our personal life in the best possible way... I found a lot of solutions to do that and I am willing to help other people on their life path. BE THE LIGHT OF UNIVERSE. IT IS YOUR CHOICE With love and respect Alexandar

Aleksandar Djordjevic


Iz vaših snova - rodite se. Iz vašeg srca - živite. Iz vaše duše - budite svetlo, Jer vi i niste ništa drugo. ~Bašar~

Tanja Tomic


Kada se oslobodimo potrebe da kontrolisemo druge, kada stvorimo prostor u kome drugi mogu biti ono sto zaista jesu, i kada nase stvarno bice moze biti to sto jeste ....... Pronacicemo slobodu

Sasa Pavlovic



Bio-Energy is a medical technique which is holistic and effective, used in the treatment of emotional clutters, illness, spiritual complication and mental obstacles. It relies on the fact that every one of us is an embodiment of interactive and complex energy system. Science has come to discover that our mortal body is surrounded by subtle bodies much like the Russian nesting dolls. When you exude health, life energy otherwise known as chi flows freely through your energy field; giving you a sense of assurance, and a feeling of being grounded and in peaceful co-existence with yourself and the world.

If it turns out you are continuously being stressed, clinging hard to your past emotion or your belief is out of tune with your life’s purpose, the bio-energy which is supposed to flow freely from you will become stagnant. This stagnated energy will become crystallized around important issues in life which you are yet to face, because you lack the readiness and knowledge to do so.

Though you may be unaware of what is happening within your energy field, your super mind knows exactly what is going on. To help you achieve balance, it will try to create some sort of consciousness of the existing problem using alarms such as depression, addiction, illness, turmoil in your relationship and trauma in some instances. You will see yourself getting confused most times, sometimes being plagued with fear as you search for means to restore your health. Bio-energy offers some form of solution in overcoming this problem. Feelings and thoughts coming from your past experience will first have to be uncluttered from your energy field. By doing so, energy will get to flow freely as it should, and in so doing stimulate rapid healing of your body. The mind in turn will return to a more receptive and open state, making room for a superior power to come in and unclutter whatever barrier that is hindering you from enjoying excellent health. Even long after you are done with your session, Bio-Energy process will continue working, and in so doing create a bridge network which exists between the physical and subtle bodies. Cellular and spiritual healing will become accelerated. Whatever lesson that is learnt in one area of life can actually be used in another area. You will begin to envision the possibilities of new health and wholeness, with your positive intentions becoming realized more often without needing you to put in so much effort. The biggest benefit that comes from this sort of work is the enlightenment that comes with knowing that the mental blocks and illness you are going through are just temporal. Conclusively, there is no medical case that can’t be healed through the use of appropriate treatment and positive intention.

How it works

This online treatment lasts around half an hour. We raise your energy on the higher frequency and that is maybe one of the most important aspects of this treatment. When we vibrate on higher frequency, we let positive things and events to enter in our lives and on that way we cure our body of different sickness and pain. The client should be lying on the bed or seat comfortably and she or he should be focused on breathing and also it should be followed their thoughts and reactions in the body. Energies should be on the same equivalent.

Client feels what is more acceptable in the moment, and reactions in the mind stimulates the finest moments which are reprogramming in its body in the rhythm with higher intelligence of the Universe.

You should feel better in the first few treatments. But, if you want to be cured absolutely, it takes long work. It is a question of deal between client and practitioner about time and frequency of seeing.


  • Curing the whole aspects of the human being
  • Clearing energy and other blockage in our body, specially blockage of chakras which are our spiritual centres
  • Raising the Conscioussness levels and some Spirituality aspects
  • Balance : physical, mental, spiritual, emotional
  • Stimulation of basic life energy known as Kundalini
  • Relieving negative vibrations