Code of Ethics

Online distance healing practitioners are obliged to follow a code of ethics set by and the bodies that licensed them. Beside this, our online practitioner must protect your privacy and have to be very careful about your private information.
During the treatment the practitioner should talk openly about all issues, but there should not be any private conntact between practitioner and client after the treatment. The practitioner should be honest and should talk only the truth about the result of the healing and about all aspects of treatment.


It is our duty to improve our personal life in the best possible way... I found a lot of solutions to do that and I am willing to help other people on their life path.\\r\\nBE THE LIGHT OF UNIVERSE. IT IS YOUR CHOICE\\r\\n\\r\\nWith love and respect\\r\\nAlexandar\\r\\n\\r\\n

Aleksandar Djordjevic



Joytish means “science of light” in Sanskrit, and it is used to describe the profoundly complicated form of astrology practiced in Vedic India. Sometimes referred to Vedic astrology, Jyotish is used to describe the planetary patterns that surround our birth, and so enables us understand how our life journey will be like. By properly analyzing these influence wielded on us by cosmic powers, Jyotish will be invaluable in helping us evaluate the strength and challenges we need to pass through so as to reach our full potential. By studying patterns and trends surrounding our lives, Jyotish will be instrumental in helping us make the best choices. Jyotish provides us with solutions to difficulties we may be encountering in different areas of our lives, and so giving us the confidence we need to pursue our destiny and in so doing create the success we have always desired.

How Western Astrology differs from Jyotish

Western astrology has very little in common with Jyotish. Whereas Jyotish makes use of sidereal zodiac which depends on the positions of the cosmos which we can see in the sky, Western astrology does not. Western astrology makes use of tropical zodiac. Tropical zodiac does not depend on fixed and relative position of the cosmos; it takes into account the changing position of the sun.

Precession of Equinoxes and Wobble in the axial spin of the Earth are two phenomenon which have been responsible for the gradual moving away of sidereal constellation; moving at a pace of one degree every 72 years. As at the time of our birth, the tropical positions as well as the Western astrology chart would have moved away from its fixed and relative position by 24 degrees. The difference between these two systems of astrology actually lies in the variation of degrees.

In Jyotish astrology, people aren’t considered based on their sun sign, as tropical astrology would typically do. Rather charts are created using what is known as “ascendant”, the constellation that would have risen to the horizon of the Earth the moment a person is born. It is through this relationship that exists between the position of heavenly bodies and the event surrounding a person’s birth, that a person’s body, personality, and the way they react to the world can be understood. A person is first thought of in terms of ascendant.

How it works


Jyotish is a realy light of God in our life. It is traditional Vedic astrology. As name speak Jyoti is Light.Isha is God on sanskrit. In Jyotish we teach how to be friend with Creation and how to be in most potential state of mind and spirit. Jyotish is very deep. And it is based on ancient teaching of Rishis. In Jyotish we see that we are inseparable of Nature. And with this science we can see whole Universe in ourselves. This are the benefits of Jyotish chart reading:

  • Find your Karmic patterns on every level of Beign
  • Discover your true potential and talents
  • Find blockages and get solutions for every aspect of life
  • Perfect advice for love life
  • Perfect advice for carrier
  • Most suitable business for you
  • Most accurate timing for certain life event ( dasha system)
  • Find best timing for marriage,start of bussines etc (muhurta)
  • Advices how to avoid some unwanted events in life ( remedial measures)
  • With Jyotish you can discover your spiritual potential
  • Find information about your ancestors
  • Find best information about soul level