Isceljuj druge, isceli sebe.
dr Eric Pearl
Heal Others, Heal Yourself.
dr Eric Pearl

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Reconnective Healing

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Marija Matijasevic-Kracica

Reconnective Healing

You will receive that healing, change what the universe has in store for you. Embrace it freely by faith, gratitude and love.

Ilona Balint

Reconnective Healing

"If you want to find secrets of the Universe,think in terms of energy,frequency and vibration. " -Nikola Tesla

Jasmina Dobric


Life is a wonderful opportunity to realize that every day is our special day,and every opportunity is precious. It is a gift in which we need to learn that we are an integral part of a whole that is called Love!

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Living Life From a Place of Love, Not Fear!

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Reconnective Healing

“Out of your dreams, be born. Out of your heart, be alive. Out of your soul, be light. For you are nothing else.”\r\nBashar

Tanja Tomic


It is our duty to improve our personal life in the best possible way... I found a lot of solutions to do that and I am willing to help other people on their life path. BE THE LIGHT OF UNIVERSE. IT IS YOUR CHOICE With love and respect Alexandar

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Dobrica Damjanac

Reconnective Healing


Reconnective healing is achieved when a balanced state has been reached. It is achieved when there is a full interaction with the Reconnective Spectrum which contains information, light and energy.

The most fundamental elements here is energy. Energy is a major constituent of every organic matter; it is what keeps our physical body going. Light is what is produced when the universe resonates with us.

Information is what comes out of the interaction between entrainment, light and energy

It can actually be measured and felt. Our job is to help you access, discover and increase your consciousness of these Reconnective Healing Frequencies

Reconnective Healing goes beyond the traditional energy healing techniques, giving us the freedom to look to something else other than the concept. It can’t be regarded as a symptom or treatment because it doesn’t look out for symptoms. It goes beyond that. We will not diagnose or treat you when performing reconnective healing on you. Our goal is to create an interaction with the reconnective healing frequencies and in so doing, stimulate healing which will last a lifetime.

Though science is yet to understand how it really works, a number of international studies have examined reconnective healing. What reconnective healing does for us is to entrain with the energy contained in our body and in so doing make us vibrate at high frequencies. When this happens, our DNA gets restructured, and the result would be emission of bio-photonic light. Dr. William Tiller, a former professor at Stanford opined that at the introduction of the information contained in reconnective healing frequencies, coherence and order will be created. To put it differently, balance and harmony will be created within us.

Reconnective healing is very easy and non-invasive, making it possible for just about anyone to practice it. It is a concise healing technique which contains no ritual, with its technique being in harmony with healing techniques practiced today.

RH frequencies can’t actually be compared to “other” frequencies because this “other” frequencies are non-existent. From results obtained from scientific results so far, RH frequency spectrum contains every form of healing frequencies that have been observed till date.

This is one of the major reason why repeated sessions isn’t necessary unlike most other energy healing technique; true healing can actually be achieved at the snap of the finger, creating connections which occurs instantaneously. It is then left to the person receiving the treatment to determine the number of sessions that would be ideal for him/her. Some prefer to go for more than one session. The recommended number of session is three. This should be enough to bring about the healing you are looking for.

Healing is achieved when there is a balance. Our health becomes compromised when our spiritual, mental, physical and emotional (as well as other parts of us that can’t be classified) is challenged. They are often classified as predominant characteristic. RH as a matter of fact doesn’t “treat” anything. If the opportunity presents itself for you to achieve balance, then take it.

Whoever you might be interacting with won’t direct your healing. It is God/Universe/Love that directs it – select the word that makes you happy. Whichever person you select can only participate by observing, listening and feeling, by the mere fact of being present. RH doesn’t specialize because it is the person that heals and not the disease. Healing is a function of what is right for the individual when following a particular path in life, which sometimes is out of tune with our conscious desire. The best advice would be to choose a person for who they are and not their achievements. Pick a practitioner who truly understands the work and has all it takes to bring about released healing which in turn leads to external healing of the accouterments and paraphernalia.

How it works

This technique is about connected with the nature, which is very simple basically, but also very effective. This healing with scalar waves is based on holistic approach, it cures human in the whole. It is well known that physical, emotional and spiritual are all connected. So, we have to put all those in balance if we want to be healthy.
It is beneficial in the case of lost balance, or illness, but also if you want to improve the quality of your life, relief blockage, emotional pain, negative emotions.
By relieving this negative aspects, inner blockage that destroys you every day life, you are entering the whole new beautiful area in your life. During the treatment, the practitioner makes special circumstances, the field of positive frequencies for the client. This frequencies which cure the whole system, all aspects ( physical, emotional, physiological). It brings balance, good energy, self-healing processes and brings wealth.What is obvious is the fact that it really effective. It is recommended to have a week brake between treatments. You should have strong will so the healing could happen. During the treatment, meridians of energy in the human body are treated and the aim is to stimulate energetic flow through it and to make the connection with the energetic lines of Mother Earth and Universe.


  • You are capable to feel the vibration of mother Earth
  • Strong intuition
  • Telepathy and emphaty
  • You are able to see the energy of other people
  • You sleep less, but much better
  • Lack of attitudes which block our energy

Code of Ethics