Code of Ethics

Online distance healing practitioners are obliged to follow a code of ethics set by and the bodies that licensed them. Beside this, our online practitioner must protect your privacy and have to be very careful about your private information.
During the treatment the practitioner should talk openly about all issues, but there should not be any private conntact between practitioner and client after the treatment. The practitioner should be honest and should talk only the truth about the result of the healing and about all aspects of treatment.


The body is your temple. Keep it pure and clean for the soul to reside in. - B.K.S.Iyengar Treat your body in the way that you can feel the beauty of freedom, happiness, health and love. Love is pure, love is way to find the light and it will show you the path. The path that is show by your own light is the only path that is right. You are a one of a kind brilliant soul, one of a kind choosen to be in this world. Love yourself enought to live a healthy lifestyle. # Follow your heart! #

Snezana Djordjevic


Trust your instinct!

Nevena Ugrenovic


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Mirce Najdoski


Our souls have lessons to learn in this human experience. Within the human experience, we are gifted with free choice. Our choices may lead us to different places or to meet different people. Our life, or soul, lessons will then be divinely choreographed within these different free choices. We can decide to learn the lesson the first time, or choose to ignore it. Choosing to ignore it will bring us to another opportunity to learn that same lesson, which may be more difficult than the first one, either in the current lifetime or another. But our choice does not ultimately change the course of the soul lessons we are meant to learn. The lesson will come to us regardless of where we are or who is in our life at that time. Therefore, free choice does not change the lessons we are meant to learn, those our souls have chosen to learn this time around. The free choice may change our home, city or friends, but the core lessons will still be present for our highest good to co-create the life we live.

Tanja Tomic


Sometimes, all we need is one small step forward and the Universe will open the path.Wisdom and love are in all of us.When we bring light in our lives,we get in touch with our true self.

Jovana Pribicevic


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Lazar Obradovic


"Mind is the creator of everything. You should therefore guide it to create only good. If you cling to a certain thought with dynamic will power, it finally assumes a tangible outward form. When you are able to employ your will always for constructive purposes, you become the controller of your destiny.
Paramahansa Yogananda

Maša Kakariđi


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Jelena Pribicevic


Iz vaših snova - rodite se. Iz vašeg srca - živite. Iz vaše duše - budite svetlo, Jer vi i niste ništa drugo. ~Bašar~

Tanja Tomic


It is our duty to improve our personal life in the best possible way... I found a lot of solutions to do that and I am willing to help other people on their life path. BE THE LIGHT OF UNIVERSE. IT IS YOUR CHOICE With love and respect Alexandar

Aleksandar Djordjevic


You have a choice to touch your spirit...Universe and power... you have a choice to touch the top... to touch with your source... to be connected with higher Self!

Danijela Varga




Reiki is a healing method which has been used by the Japanese in reducing stress while also creating a sense of relaxation. Such healing is administered through the “laying of hands”, capitalizing on the idea that a “life force energy” which can’t be seen flows through us, thus making us to feel alive. Whenever our “life force energy” is low, the result would be stress and sickness and when high, we feel happy and elated.

Reiki is actually a blend of two Japanese words; Rei used to describe “God’s Wisdom or higher power” and Ki used to describe “life force energy”. So Reiki can be described as “Spiritually guided life force energy”

When going through Reiki treatment, you will experience an amazing glowing radiance which moves around you. Reiki treats every component of your body such as mind, emotions, body and spirit, thus creating some health benefits such as inner peace, relaxation, security and a sense of wellbeing. Many who have gone through the treatment have attested to its miraculous power.

Reiki is one of most simple, safe and natural method of attaining self-improvement and spiritual healing. It has been used time and again in finding solution to most illnesses and maladies. For greater effectiveness, it is combined with other therapeutic techniques so as to improve the quality of life.

Being a very simple technique, Reiki isn’t taught using our usual senses; it is actually transferred to the student partaking in the Reiki Class. This skill is passed on by the Reiki Master during and “attunement”, giving the student the freedom to partake of the limitless supply of “life force energy” which will go a long way in improving the quality of life.

It can be used by anyone no matter the mental capacity and spiritual development. Reiki has been taught is to a diverse number of people for some thousand years now.

Though Reiki has some spiritual inclination, it can’t be described as a religion. There are no dogmas to adhere to, and there are no founding believed you have to stick to. As a matter of fact, Reiki has nothing to do with your belief, and will work whether you believe it or not. As God is the giver of Reiki, most people tend to draw closer to their religion more than an intellectual concept when practicing Reiki.

It is true that Reiki isn’t a religion, but it is needful for your actions to promote the wellbeing of others.SHAMBALLA

Shamballa helps us to see all our potentials. We learn how to live in joy and happiness. Also, through ancient wisdom we are teaching who we really are. In this method we learn how to discover the strength, intelligence, compassion and love. All parts of our life can be included in this special feeling. The temptations that we have in our lives are just potential to learn more, to improve our capabilities.
There is a special road in which we can learn about ourselves. In the basis of every road is meditation. That means that we have to be conscious in everything in which we work. We have to be present in the moment. In that way, we develop honesty, self-esteem, dignity, peace, love.
The levels include theory and practice of meditation, instruction of meditation and talking.
Shamballa does not cures only the disease, it cures the whole system. The transformation happens on all levels -–psychical, emotional, mental, spiritual. The shamballa energies harmonize the energies and make balance.
The goal is to experience our souls, our goodness.
In other levels, we can see fears which block us to live happily and we realist how we can always live peacefully.
We can on that way start to think how to communicate with the rest of the world without the fears. During the time, we open useless to life freely, we become more curious, more happy, we research life, we overcome ourselves.
Shamballa is giving the opportunity to sharpen our mind, to become conscious, to go back to the Source.

How it works

How it Works Reiki

During the typical process of Reiki treatment the practitioner, after the period if preparation, opens his or her energetic channel leads it to reiki energy through itself to the client. The energy is going to specific spots in the body. The treatment is performed through energy centers, so cold chakras. There are many scientific research in the field of quantum physics which prove that all being on the earth are connected through energies and systems of energy, which want to make harmony with the cosmic vibrations, in other words, they want to make harmony with nature. Practitioner helps to the client to make balance with the nature by treating his chakras. The client should be lying comfortably by focusing on the breathing with less thoughts he or she can manage. Energies should be on the same equivalent. The body of the person who accepts reiki is like a sponge which absorbs water and takes as much as it is needed. The practitioner is then connecting with etheric heart which is transcendental part of all of us and connect us with the hole universe and all its parts. The client feels deep peace and everything has the deeper meaning.

How it Works Shamballa

Shamballa treatment is multidimensional treatment and system of healing through freedom and love. Treatment lasts around half an hour. Practioner sees what is wrong with the person and also how it could be cured. It is all about distant healing. Client is lying or seating, but it should not cross the legs or hands, so the energy should flow freely. Practitioner communicates with the Divine masters, Angels and other being of light. These beings transfer healing energies through practitioner and client and erases negative energies that client posses. On this way, client can receive the high vibrations. It is common that practitioner collects images and information that can be very relevant for the client. The information is connected with the past events and can be the cause of the current condition of the client. Shamballa energies are one of the most advanced energies which you can get and experience nowadays. It is recommended to get two treatments per week. After the first one, the client can feel much better. As long as the client feels like, the treatments can be held.


Benefits for Reiki

  • Significant levels of pain relief, anxiety and depression reduction,
  • Deep inner peace
  • Relieving stress, fears, panic attacks
  • Weight loss and balance
  • Raising creativity, insticts, intuition, memory, concentration, language usage, perception
  • Getting the natural gift of giving and receiving love, care, intimacy, understanding
  • Getting into present moment and enjoying it

Benefits for Shamballa

  • Healing on a physical, emotional, mental and spiritual level.
  • Healing pets and plants.
  • Energetically cleanse your work space or home.
  • Increasing the sight of your third eye.
  • Increasing the power of crystals and remedies.